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We all know that water is vital not just to health but many other aspects of our lives. That’s why we should make sure it’s clean. Some contaminants lead to funky smells, odd water colors, and other obvious symptoms. Others may go relatively unnoticed. The safest choice for your family and your quality of life is to get your water tested. And RainSoft will test the water in your home at no cost.

Why Should You Test Your Water?

Water quality can be a silent concern, with issues hidden beneath the surface. Testing your water is not only essential but also holds multiple benefits. Whether you draw your water from a well or a municipal supply, regular water testing ensures that your water is clean and that your appliances are protected.

Well Water Safety

If your water source is a private well, well water testing is paramount. Wells lack the regulations and treatments of municipal supplies, making them susceptible to various contaminants. Frequent well water testing helps ensure that your water is clean, and RainSoft can provide the ideal solution.

Hard Water

Hard water is a common issue that can impact your daily life, from household chores to personal comfort. Testing for hard water is crucial because it reveals the extent of hardness and guides you in addressing the problem. RainSoft’s expertise in hard water testing makes us your go-to resource.

What’s In Your Water?

Water, while seemingly transparent and pure, can contain a multitude of impurities that have far-reaching implications for your health, household, and overall water quality. Let’s dive deeper into these common contaminants to gain a clearer understanding of their impact and significance.

Residual Chlorine 

This is a typical disinfectant used by municipalities to treat water, ensuring its safety for human consumption. While chlorine is a crucial part of the water treatment process, its presence in your water after treatment can result in an unpleasant taste and odor, affecting your overall water quality.


Sulfur is another common impurity found in water, which can impart an objectionable taste and odor. Often, water with high sulfur content is likened to the smell of rotten eggs, making it less appealing for consumption and daily use.

Iron and Manganese 

Elevated levels of iron and manganese in your water can lead to staining of sinks, fixtures, and even clothing. These impurities are not only aesthetically displeasing but can also affect the functionality and longevity of your plumbing and appliances.

Floating Particles 

Particles suspended in your water can alter its clarity and overall quality. These particles may vary in size and composition, affecting both the visual appeal and cleanliness of your water.


Lead is a critical contaminant that can infiltrate your water supply, especially if your home has old plumbing infrastructure. Exposure to lead can have severe health consequences, making its detection through water testing vital.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs can leach into your water supply, often originating from industrial and agricultural processes. These compounds can be detrimental to your health, and detecting their presence through water testing is crucial for safeguarding your household.

Understanding the presence of these contaminants in your water can help you take the necessary steps to improve its cleanliness and quality. RainSoft’s expertise in water testing and treatment ensures that these impurities are not just identified but also addressed, empowering you to enjoy purer and better-tasting water.

How to Get Your Water Tested in Michigan

RainSoft of Northern Michigan is your trusted partner in water testing and treatment. Our water quality experts visit your home, collect water samples, and provide you with a thorough assessment. With RainSoft as your guide, you can navigate the world of water testing and take the first step toward enhancing your water quality.

By testing your water with RainSoft, you unlock the benefits of cleaner and more refreshing water. Our expertise in well water testing, hard water testing, and comprehensive water analysis ensures that you receive a tailored solution that addresses your specific concerns. RainSoft guarantees that your water quality will meet the highest standards.

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